“Soulmates” – Temporary Tattoos


Studio Ghibli Temporary Tattoos by Sebs.

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The Whimsical World of Studio Ghibli.

“Once you meet someone, you never really forget them.”

The lovely duo from the most popular Miyazaki film “Spirited Away.” Chihiro and Haku explore identity with one another beyond the mainstream romantic relationship, but a spiritual growth based on protection, trust, and love. Approx 4.25×4 inches

Handmade, hand printed, & hand cut. Easy to put on. Lasts 1-3 days depending on how hot you shower. Instructions inside package on how to put on.

Discontinued the light blue version due to blue not showing up on skin. Currently providing only the black & grey version and the red version will be coming soon. 2nd photo is provide size comparison.

Please allow 2-3 business days to prepare for shipping and an additional 2-3 days to arrive.

Sebrina Pham

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