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Thank you for the love and for getting a tattoo from me!

I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to have met you and to have shared space with you. Here are instructions so that you are able to have a successfully healed tattoo.


If you were given saniderm, please leave on 3-5 days (three days is best, anymore only if you need to). You will see blood, pus, or ink coming out. This is normal! Your skin is healing.


If for any reason the saniderm gets punctured (it gets water in it or liquids come out of it), take it off and wash with unscented soap. No need to rebandage. If the saniderm falls off prematurely, that is okay! This is your skin tell you it needs to breathe. No need to rebandage.


On the day you take off the saniderm, gently take it off in a warm shower, peeling AWAY from you or TOWARDS you. NOT up, this may peel the tattoo more. After it is off, wash with warm water and unscented soap. Pat dry with clean towel.


If you were given a bandage, leave on for 3-5 hours or overnight, then take it off. Wash with warm water and unscented soap and pat dry with a clean towel.

No need to rebandage.

During the first three days of healing, put on thin layers of coconut oil to ease the stinging and dryness. Maybe 2-5 times a day.


For the first three days of healing, please avoid any heavy sweating. This can cause the tattoo to fade quicker.

Make sure to keep your tattoo clean by washing it a couple times a day—morning and night.

Apply a thin layer unscented lotions such as: aquaphor, lubriderm, cetaphil, Shea butter, coconut oil, or my handmade tattoo care balm about 3-5 times a day when it’s dry.

After the second week, it’ll start getting itchy! No scratching or picking! This can pull out the ink or cause the tattoo to take longer to heal. Good luck. Apply lotions as usual.

It’ll take your tattoo about 3-4 weeks to heal completely. During this time please NO sun/tanning, bathing, swimming, or saunas. Showers are fine!

Keep away from pets or gardening during the healing process.

It is best if you wear loose clothing during the healing process. And if your tattoo is on your wrists or ankles to avoid wearing jewelry, watches, or socks that may irritate it.

For any other questions, please feel free to contact me! Thank you again for sharing space. Please send me healed photos! Blessings and Wholeness.