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Thank you for your support in my work!

I choose pieces based on interest and what I believe I can do the most justice to. I have a list of priority tattoo concepts listed below. Please read throughly!

Preferred concepts:

  • surrealism/psychedelic concepts
  • anime/manga/manhwa
  • video games
  • human figures
  • fineline
  • flowers, botanicals, & animals
  • weapons
  • ornate/filigree
  • art duplications
  • cultural concepts (of yours)
  • original work


  • Half Day – $1000
  • Full Day – $2000
    (See approx times for tattoos on IG @sebrinapham)
  • A $200 non refundable deposit will be required if your design is chosen. it will credit to your last session on your tattoo.

thank you! look forward to working with you !